The Georgian Bath Crescent House refurbishment

The Hall

This property is a lateral conversion of 2 crescent houses on the ground floor with its own entrance. Consequently, the hall is of grand dimensions in the lateral and perpendicular as there is no staircase. Woodchester lifted a threadbare carpet, prepared the sub surface to create a level and moisture free sub-base. A French oak, wide plank, quarter-sawn floor was laid and secured with oak plugs. It was antiqued and sealed with Danish oil.

The intricate plasterwork was prepared and re-painted. The walls prepared and painted with Normandy Grey from little Greene. The capacious bookcase was designed with the influence of the reeded and square existing door architecture, suitable cornice work and hand painted in French Grey.

South Facing bedroom

The threadbare carpet was removed. The floor was lined and consolidated with sound-proof MDF, a further high quality membrane was laid finishing with a Canadian Red ELM engineered floor.

A vast wardrobe manufactured and installed with fine attention to detail with an interior consonant with required storage and the exterior finished with a double cornice and finely scribedin.

The shutters were sanded to a fine finish to allow a sharp and flat finish in Little Greene. The walls were prepared and finished in Little Greene Normandy Grey.

Dining Room

The dining room was reduced in size to accommodate an en-suite to the bedroom and a separate lavatory. Thereafter, it was fashioned in the shape of a Whisky Barrel. A rag-roll paint finish applied to the walls with fine cornice work in plaster. A twin pedestal dining table was manufactured in English walnut with the addition of a dresser.

North Bedroom

Remains under refurbishment. The addition of a grand break front and mirrored wardrobe was manufactured and installed to reflect the available natural light and mirror the recently completed garden design.